iMATHination Conference 2015

The iMATHination Conference provides math, science and technology professional development workshops for middle and high school educators who, primarily, are part of the Center for College Access and Success' network of programs.

We want to advance the ability of educators to make the pedagogical shifts required to effectively implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

The first iMATHination Conference was launched in 2007.  It was initially designed to offer our GEAR UP network of teachers from Chicago Public Schools a professional event focused on best practices in mathematics instruction.  The first year we offered 7 sessions with content that mirrored what was being taught on the junior high school level which is where our GEAR UP cohort of students began.  By 2013 we were able to offer 26 different sessions and our audience spanned several Chicago urban, suburban and out of state districts.  Additionally we've included a focus on new and common technologies used in today's classroom as well as integration of science content with the intention of bringing STEM to the forefront.

Each successive year we strive to bring our conference participants sessions, presenters and speakers that not only focus on current pedagogy, but that kindle their creativity, sense of wonder and keep the imagination running!

Center for College Access and Success, Northeastern Illinois University

The iMATHination Conference is presented by the Center for College Access and Success, Northeastern Illinois University.  Founded in 1978 as Chicago Teachers' Center, the center was renamed in 2014 as Center for College Access and Success.